About Me


Hi! I’m Tasha….I’m a wife, and working mommy to two crazy but amazing kids. My world is wonderful and wacky! It consists of family…work…me. I feel very blessed to be a part of this world but managing it can also be quite overwhelming.

I have always loved writing and expressing myself through written words. I find very little time to explore this however. Someone suggested that I try blogging as its manageable snippets of writing plus it has the potential to be interactive which can be an encouragement to keep going.

I thought it seemed like a good idea. For now, I plan to write about all of the things that make up my world…I’d like to explore mommyhood and being a good wife while also discussing what it means to me to be a working mom. Then last but not least (as I’ve recently come to realize) I’ll talk about myself. 🙂 Its such an important aspect of our happiness but seems often overlooked. Feel free to skip the blogs about ME, those can serve as self indulgence only. I’m cool with that!

So here we go…my attempt at blogging!



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