Allergies, Asthma and Running….oh my!!


I’ve had a couple people ping me and ask me how training is going…which is fantastic because its holding me accountable and keeping me motivated. Which was the plan after all!!

So how have things been going? Well…..

Its been a hit or miss few weeks. I think my last post my long run was up to 6 miles. I was feeling really good then because I had only just started training and my mileage was increasing quick while maintaining my time. Then the following week I had to travel for work so I got  my short runs in, they went well but I skipped my long run. Blech!!! So then last week I decided I had to get back to it, I felt guilty for skipping. So I did my short runs and they were ok but my run Tues I had to stop at 3 miles and have a little asthma attack on the side of the road. Not good!! So, I’ve determined that our family is allergic to Philadelphia. Yep, the whole city. Allergic. We are all a mess with congestion, coughing, asthma attacks. Ken and I have been using our kids breathing machines the past week. His turned into infection this week. Ugh.

So last week I got to Thurs – long run day…and it was pouring down rain! Torrential. I ran anyway. I was soaked! I had to ring out all my clothing down to my underwear when I finished. I made it 7 miles though and beat my previous time. I was on cloud 9. I went into this week feeling great and then BAM! Hit. a. wall. I know it’s the allergies….my body is tired and its hard to breath. So I did only 1 short run this week and I just did my long run…made it 7 miles, somehow beat my time by 20 secs a min/mile but it was HARD. I had to use inhaler a couple times. I plowed through though.

What have I learned the past few weeks….

  1. Taking a day off here and there is ok but it can become a slippery slope, at least for me!
  2. Don’t be embarrassed when you’re in the fetal position on the sidewalk sucking on an inhaler. Its all about the long run and survival.
  3. 7 miles is over 1/2 way. Woot woot!
  4. Running is mental. I have been told this and I knew it partially but I also knew when I could barely breath and my legs were on fire that it felt a tiny bit more physical than mental. Last week in the rain was 100% mental and I hit a stride on mile 2 where I realized this and just gave in to the rain pelting me in the face like a million tiny razor blades.
  5. Prepping for a long run is crucial. In my case, a breathing treatment that morning and remembering my allergy meds would have gone a long way today. Going to remember for next week and hopefully run a better 8 miles!


I’ve got this!! Peace out.



Its a long run day!


I did my first long run yesterday. I made it 6 miles, I was only going to do 5 according to my training plan but I felt like I could go a bit further so I pushed myself to 6! I did run/walk combo but my overall avg min/mile was only slightly above my short runs when I run/run. So I was running faster and my walk recoveries were not as slow as I thought they were. I felt like I was going so slow when I walked! This man that was at least 135 years old passed me. He grinned at me toothlessly and I felt ashamed that I was turtle-ing behind him.

I still don’t consider myself a runner but I am happy with the last two weeks of training. I have appx 10 more (9 if you count vacation in there) and I feel like I’m in decent shape to be ready for my race. I’m using the term ‘ready’ very, very loosely!! Also, I mentioned this vacation to a friend the other day and how I would miss a week of training and she politely suggested that I could still get my runs in on vacation. I laughed so hard I peed my pants. You know who you are.

So what did I learn?

  1. I survived. (again!)
  2. I ran a further distance than I ever have in my whole life. At 38 that feels good.
  3. If you reverse your route to where you are running through the school in the first mile of your run, you also reverse the uphill climb and speed past the judgy teenagers doing an 8 min mile and pass out smug looks along the way. It is very motivating!
  4. Running in cooler weather is definitely a bit easier… thank you God!
  5. I will not be able to go much more than 6 miles without coming up with a bathroom solution. Post 2 kids the option of holding it has sailed! Advice welcome from my long distance runner friends.

All in all a good training week.

Running – The Beginning


I have decided to share my running experience with social media and on my blog in an effort to keep me going. #fingerscrossed #running #mommyhood #metime

I have never, ever, ever been a runner. Even in high school when I was in the best shape of my life I would have to run laps before practice and often I felt like I was dying, twice I threw up and then I was issued an inhaler for my “excursion” asthma. Aka – you’re not fit enough to run inhaler. Just kidding. Regardless, I stunk at it.

So now how did I get to the point where I’m signed up for a 1/2 marathon? Am I stupid? Yes. Temporarily insane? Likely. Well, no. Actually I just wanted to be a supportive friend to my bestest girlfriend that I am running this marathon with. Also, as I near the dreaded age of 40 I find myself wanting to push my limits a little…or in this case, a lot!

So here we go, I will not log every day that I run but I will keep everyone updated on how my training is going. How exciting for everyone!! 🙂

Today I ran approximately 4.5 miles. Now, I own my truth – always have. I did not RUN 4.5 miles. I did a walk/run combo. Just to be clear! The most I have ever RUN is 2.5 miles and that appears to have been a fluke because when I tried it again my body plead the 5th. So what did I learn today?

  1.  I still am not a runner but I survived.
  2.  Training is a must if I plan to actually finish this 1/2 marathon. My backup plan is to pass out 1/2 way through it and get carried over the finish line on a stretcher.
  3.  It was too hot to run today. Please fix that…God?
  4.  Pick a new route. Running your last 1/2 mile through a school zone where a bunch of skinny judgmental high school seniors are staring and mocking is surprisingly not motivating. To their credit I was breathing so loud it sounded like a herd of cows running through their campus.

I think those are some good lessons learned. Tomorrow is a cross training day where I plan to attend a cycle class and kick everyone’s butt. I need the ego boost after today!