Pinterest – Ridiculous or Resourceful?


Given my Type A personality when I discovered Pinterest I truly believed that I had died and gone to heaven. The first few weeks I could NOT STOP! I spent hours “pinning”. Well first, I set up my boards, then organized them, then reorganized them, then re-reorganized them (seriously Type A!). Then….once I was organized and ready to go I let myself loose on Pinterest. I was obsessed.

About two weeks later I came up for air….and that’s when the panic set in. I had all this AMAZING stuff pinned…..when, how and where am I going to get all of this done!!!! (Pause panic to set up a board for completed projects) Ok, resume panic….

So I have given it a lot of thought and I cannot answer the internal debate that I have with myself every day. Is Pinterest ridiculous or resourceful?

As a busy mom it is very nice to have a place to clip all of the valuable information that I come across, all those useful organization ideas and helpful cleaning tips. I mean now that my jewelry is hanging from shower hooks on towel racks in my closet I save at least a minute each morning NOT opening my jewelry box and NOT digging through mounds of other pieces to find exactly the piece I want. And let’s face it – those minutes add up! Right?

Right! I cannot be convinced that Pinterest is all bad. I believe that if used properly it can add a lot of organizational value and resourcefulness to your life.

So in the spirit of ensuring that I am using Pinterest resourcefully  and not ridiculously I am going board by board to analyze…ridiculous or resourceful?

Board #1 – Books and Movies: Definitely resourceful!! It’s a place for me keep ideas of books that I wish I had time to read on childless vacations I might take one day. Keeper.


Board #2 – Yum yum: With an obviously oh so clever name it has to be resourceful right? Hmmm…206 pins and I have made 9 of these recipes. That’s approximately 4%. I have to admit that when I was counting I was extremely shocked and secretly proud of myself that I had made 9 things AND I have at some point in time bought ingredient’s to make 3 more so if you count good intentions – which I do because it’s my blog and I can– that’s actually 12 things and brings me to 6% (I also round up). That is clearly an acceptable percentage so I deem this board resourceful!

I am 2 for 2 for those keeping score.


Oh, on a side note…shame on me for this treasure not being #10 of things I have made. A dirty girl scout??!! What am I waiting for?


Board #3 – Party and Dinner Ideas: I just love this board where I post amazing ideas like after a dinner party everyone gets their own terra cotta pot filled with charcoal. I light these and we all have our own individual fires for making smores, afterwards we hold hands and sing kumbaya. Sigh.

Yeah ok….it’s ridiculous. When I counted up all of the “dinner parties” we have thrown in the past 6 years I came up with…zero. So then when I expanded and said what about pre kids so in the previous 10 years I came up with a whopping…zero.


Board #4 – Dream Home and Home Décor: Well this is a tricky one. I mean the title alone says that it’s a “dream” so probably ridiculous but isn’t it good to have dreams? I think so. Resourceful.


Board #5 – My Style: Um….yeah. So first of all, the title. “My” style might be a tad of a stretch. I mean maybe if it was titled “My Wannabe Style” or the “Style I do not have” or “The outfits I am incapable of putting together”….but who I am kidding with this one. As of late my style choices are – black or gray yoga pants today? Period. So as painful as it is I am going to have to say, Ridiculous.


Board #6 – Supports My OCD: Not even up for debate. Resourceful!


If it was not for this board I would have bobby pins EVERYWHERE and nothing to do with my empty tic-tac containers. Thank you pinterest!!!!!



Board #7 – Gift Ideas: In all seriousness this might be the most resourceful reason for having a Pinterest account. I saved all sorts of things last year and started my Christmas shopping here. So for the busy person that finds gift ideas throughout the year but does not have the mental capacity to remember any of them (that’s me!), pin it. Resourceful.

Now what I cannot figure out is why this board is not private J Hey everybody, wanna know what you’re getting for Christmas, check it out! Not smart.


Board #8 – Tats: Because I’m too cool to say tattoos….

If I ever get up the courage to actually get a tattoo then I will deem this board resourceful.


Board #9 – Kids!!!: Well, with not one or two but three exclamation points in the title, it is obviously important. How else would I know how to entertain and discipline my children? Resourceful.


Board #10 – Must go!: This board secretly makes me sad, I feel like I am pinning all of the places I will never have the time or money to make it to. However, as previously used reasoning…it is good to dream so I deem it resourceful.


Board #11 – Artsy: Considering I have pinned exactly 5 pins it is evident that I am not as I self-declared “Artsy” 🙂 Ridiculous.


Board # 12 – I need…want??: Who are we kidding with this? It is a shopping list for our spouse. I have to admit when pinterest took off I was a happy, happy woman when Christmas, birthday and anniversary rolled around. I think he forgot this existed though given the latest gift encounters. (reminder…) 😉 RESOURCEFUL!!!!


Board #13 – Oily: Ok, so at the end of the day I am becoming as hippy as they come. My husband asks me for my voodoo oils and I happily supply. I love this board because it keeps me organized and reminds me of my hippy oil recipes. Peace and love y’all! Resourceful.


I have more boards but I think with this score: 10 Resourceful, 3 Ridiculous it is evident that Pinterest is in fact our friend and can be used in a resourceful manner. So the next time your husband rolls his eyes and asks if you are on pinterest…again. You can proudly say yes and then offer to make him a handmade macramé coffee cup cozy from the pattern you just pinned.

Pinning is winning ladies!!