Running – The Beginning


I have decided to share my running experience with social media and on my blog in an effort to keep me going. #fingerscrossed #running #mommyhood #metime

I have never, ever, ever been a runner. Even in high school when I was in the best shape of my life I would have to run laps before practice and often I felt like I was dying, twice I threw up and then I was issued an inhaler for my “excursion” asthma. Aka – you’re not fit enough to run inhaler. Just kidding. Regardless, I stunk at it.

So now how did I get to the point where I’m signed up for a 1/2 marathon? Am I stupid? Yes. Temporarily insane? Likely. Well, no. Actually I just wanted to be a supportive friend to my bestest girlfriend that I am running this marathon with. Also, as I near the dreaded age of 40 I find myself wanting to push my limits a little…or in this case, a lot!

So here we go, I will not log every day that I run but I will keep everyone updated on how my training is going. How exciting for everyone!! 🙂

Today I ran approximately 4.5 miles. Now, I own my truth – always have. I did not RUN 4.5 miles. I did a walk/run combo. Just to be clear! The most I have ever RUN is 2.5 miles and that appears to have been a fluke because when I tried it again my body plead the 5th. So what did I learn today?

  1.  I still am not a runner but I survived.
  2.  Training is a must if I plan to actually finish this 1/2 marathon. My backup plan is to pass out 1/2 way through it and get carried over the finish line on a stretcher.
  3.  It was too hot to run today. Please fix that…God?
  4.  Pick a new route. Running your last 1/2 mile through a school zone where a bunch of skinny judgmental high school seniors are staring and mocking is surprisingly not motivating. To their credit I was breathing so loud it sounded like a herd of cows running through their campus.

I think those are some good lessons learned. Tomorrow is a cross training day where I plan to attend a cycle class and kick everyone’s butt. I need the ego boost after today!


13 thoughts on “Running – The Beginning

  1. Sharon

    I identify. I’m past the dreaded 40 and knee deep in work, kiddos, diagnosis and what has felt like bad news for the last 8 months. First I consoled with wine and food and then felt like sloth so bought a Fitbit April 15. It has helped. I’m not a runner either despite my genes to be such and it’s humbling how winded I got. I’m nowhere near a half marathon but I walk 5 miles a day and try not to make excuses for not doing it. Spurs some unusual behavior for sure. 🙂 This week I ubered to Aidans doc b/c I walked to work, didn’t have a car, and a dreaded crisis arose ( my reason for not going careless) and you know what? It was fine. He was fine. I’m glad I am sticking with it for ME first and foremost and my family gets the added benefit of a healthier and happier me if I stay the course. You got this Tasha! We both too. Love ya and I’ll be there in spirit cheering you on!!

    • admin

      Of everyone I know you need some ME time! I am glad you are making it a priority and post this race I will be right there walking 5 miles with you. Running stinks! 😉 I’m so happy you are taking care of you and you could not be more right…the kids and husband benefit greatly from it! Dont give up wine and food all together though, whats the fun in that!! LOL

  2. Julia

    Yeah, so excited for you!! What race are you doing? There’s nothing wrong with walking by the way and if you build in walk breaks earlier (when you feel like you actually can still run!), it’ll help you go further. So set a timer or something like that, 10min run, 2 min walk or whatever might work for you. It will get easier! Can’t wait to hear about your running journey and I’ll be here cheering for you. 🙂

  3. Michelle Goodman

    You crack me up!! 🙂
    You’ve got this!! Your going to do great!!

    So excited to get to run/walk this race with you!!

    Love ya bunches girlie!!

  4. Diana Reams

    You can do this. You’re not a little girl but now a beautiful grown woman. As a child/teenager, I had to work hard to make good grades in school but as an adult, when I went back to school, it was so much better to the point that I graduated at the top of my class. So it may be hard but you will succeed. I’ll be watching and reading. Love ya kiddo.

  5. David Barker

    Awesome, Tash! I can relate to so many of the feelings you mentioned above. I’ve just been running 5Ks and am trying to work up to 10Ks. The half marathon is still a distant thought.

    I run early in the morning. The only people that see me are driving by on their way to work or little kids waiting on their bus. I avoid the hour when the high school kids are out. Much for the same reasons as you mentioned about running through the school zone.

    Keep up the great work!

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