Its a long run day!


I did my first long run yesterday. I made it 6 miles, I was only going to do 5 according to my training plan but I felt like I could go a bit further so I pushed myself to 6! I did run/walk combo but my overall avg min/mile was only slightly above my short runs when I run/run. So I was running faster and my walk recoveries were not as slow as I thought they were. I felt like I was going so slow when I walked! This man that was at least 135 years old passed me. He grinned at me toothlessly and I felt ashamed that I was turtle-ing behind him.

I still don’t consider myself a runner but I am happy with the last two weeks of training. I have appx 10 more (9 if you count vacation in there) and I feel like I’m in decent shape to be ready for my race. I’m using the term ‘ready’ very, very loosely!! Also, I mentioned this vacation to a friend the other day and how I would miss a week of training and she politely suggested that I could still get my runs in on vacation. I laughed so hard I peed my pants. You know who you are.

So what did I learn?

  1. I survived. (again!)
  2. I ran a further distance than I ever have in my whole life. At 38 that feels good.
  3. If you reverse your route to where you are running through the school in the first mile of your run, you also reverse the uphill climb and speed past the judgy teenagers doing an 8 min mile and pass out smug looks along the way. It is very motivating!
  4. Running in cooler weather is definitely a bit easier… thank you God!
  5. I will not be able to go much more than 6 miles without coming up with a bathroom solution. Post 2 kids the option of holding it has sailed! Advice welcome from my long distance runner friends.

All in all a good training week.

4 thoughts on “Its a long run day!

  1. Erica

    Plan a route with public bathrooms along the way otherwise you’ll be going in the bushes. I have lived in the city since I’ve been running so that is easy for me to plan a route with multiple restrooms along the way…usually it is planning to pass multiple public parks along the route…they have restrooms open during the day.

    I like the blog by the way!

    • admin

      Oh great idea….I run by a lot of parks and actually one route I do circles right back near my house. I could change it up a bit and just stop in here. Duh!! 😉 Thanks!

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