Allergies, Asthma and Running….oh my!!


I’ve had a couple people ping me and ask me how training is going…which is fantastic because its holding me accountable and keeping me motivated. Which was the plan after all!!

So how have things been going? Well…..

Its been a hit or miss few weeks. I think my last post my long run was up to 6 miles. I was feeling really good then because I had only just started training and my mileage was increasing quick while maintaining my time. Then the following week I had to travel for work so I got  my short runs in, they went well but I skipped my long run. Blech!!! So then last week I decided I had to get back to it, I felt guilty for skipping. So I did my short runs and they were ok but my run Tues I had to stop at 3 miles and have a little asthma attack on the side of the road. Not good!! So, I’ve determined that our family is allergic to Philadelphia. Yep, the whole city. Allergic. We are all a mess with congestion, coughing, asthma attacks. Ken and I have been using our kids breathing machines the past week. His turned into infection this week. Ugh.

So last week I got to Thurs – long run day…and it was pouring down rain! Torrential. I ran anyway. I was soaked! I had to ring out all my clothing down to my underwear when I finished. I made it 7 miles though and beat my previous time. I was on cloud 9. I went into this week feeling great and then BAM! Hit. a. wall. I know it’s the allergies….my body is tired and its hard to breath. So I did only 1 short run this week and I just did my long run…made it 7 miles, somehow beat my time by 20 secs a min/mile but it was HARD. I had to use inhaler a couple times. I plowed through though.

What have I learned the past few weeks….

  1. Taking a day off here and there is ok but it can become a slippery slope, at least for me!
  2. Don’t be embarrassed when you’re in the fetal position on the sidewalk sucking on an inhaler. Its all about the long run and survival.
  3. 7 miles is over 1/2 way. Woot woot!
  4. Running is mental. I have been told this and I knew it partially but I also knew when I could barely breath and my legs were on fire that it felt a tiny bit more physical than mental. Last week in the rain was 100% mental and I hit a stride on mile 2 where I realized this and just gave in to the rain pelting me in the face like a million tiny razor blades.
  5. Prepping for a long run is crucial. In my case, a breathing treatment that morning and remembering my allergy meds would have gone a long way today. Going to remember for next week and hopefully run a better 8 miles!


I’ve got this!! Peace out.